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Catch a Falling Knife

Catch a Falling Knife

Frank’s newest thriller, Catch a Falling Knife, is now available! See an article in The Ledger, “Port Danger Provides Plot For Third Novel.”

“It’s my third book and by far the best thing I’ve done,” Frank says.  “It may remind some people of Ken Follett’s famous Eye of the Needle because our hero and the bad guy are identified early and they’re on a collision course.  It’s my usual short chapter, fast-paced action, and the tension builds throughout.  In fact, one of my early readers said reading the book felt more like she was watching a movie.”

A departure from Frank’s “Boca” series featuring Lynn Woo, Catch a Falling Knife exposes America’s soft underbelly – its container ship ports.  The stakes are high.  Of the 8 million containers with 2 billion tons of freight shipped to the United States each year, only three per cent are currently screened for nuclear, dirty bombs, WMD, or just garden-variety explosives.  Stepping that up would cripple the global supply chain, likely causing a worldwide economic depression.

“It was so much fun getting to know a brand new set of characters,” says Frank. “Vincent Fabrizio is a hardened criminal but, like America’s ports, is vulnerable.  In his case it’s the lovely, no-nonsense Linda Townsend, part owner and manager of a new polo club.  And Vincent’s nemesis, port security director Jack Rivers, must deal with the threat of an attack on his port while hefting a shipload of his own family baggage.  My favorite character may be Ludwig, the crafty German port inspector who grew up in a circus family.”

Catch a Falling Knife

Fresh out of federal witness protection and enjoying the pleasures of Venice, Italy, former mobster Vinny Fabrizio is offered the criminal chance of a lifetime: $10 million to destroy a crucially located container ship port and a shot at his FBI nemesis, Jack Rivers. The catch? He’s being paid by anti-American Islamic insurgents, and the port is back home on American soil.

As Vinny weighs his pangs of patriotism and the opportunity for a bloody revenge, Jack struggles to remain loyal to his own family and make a name for himself at his new job as director of security—at the very port Vinny is planning to blow up. The two men speed toward each other on a dangerous collision course that threatens to destroy much more than just each other. Behind his sinister smirk, Vinny hides an unexpected weakness: Linda, a gorgeous, strong-willed southern belle who must decide if she’s willing to risk it all for real love. The stakes are high, and the clock is ticking…

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